Peace In Dark


Inessa felt like her existence froze when she heard his words . She immediately pulled back and looked at him with her widened glossy eyes.

Her gaze stared into his dusky eyes which were still glistening with tears. He palmed her face and again a tear rolled down from his eyes while he said those words to her again.

"I Love You, Inessa . "

She stared at him like her ears were not capable of believing what he had just said. He cupped her face more firmly and pressed his forehead against hers.

"I Love You, My Life more than my own self, "

Inessa broke down into tears when she finally processed his words. That he finally said those words to her. She threw her arms around him and buried herself into him.

"I.. I Love You More, Sin. So much more, "

She said in between her sobs and buried her face into his neck. Her grip tightened around him.

"I Love You. I Love You so much, "

Hearing her answer, he embraced her back and pulled her on his lap which made I
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