It was a fine day, probably. I saw how the clouds covers the smiling sun. I sigh when I realize that we are about to move out today, I hope my step mother will change her mind. But guess what? She's not entertaining other people's opinions, especially when it comes from me. She's always the one who decides and take control.

It's so tiring, I really thought that as I grow up, I'll get a chance to decide for myself even just once. I guess it's really a bad decision to permit my father to marry her?

"Here are the papers, Solomon. Your mother desires to name the contract after you, sir. Is it alright?" I heard the guy asked.

I shifted my gaze and glanced at my brother, he was probably thinking of what to answer.

"The two of us will be staying at the new place, so I supposed it can be named after us?" I heard him reply.

I leaned closer to his ear and whispered, "You're the eldest, Sol. You can just name it after you."

He didn't listen to me. Oh well, what would I expect? He's been like this.

"What time would you like to go and visit the new place?" The guy questioned again. I quietly sat down at the tiny stool located near the pathway and I watched my so-called brother having a conversation with a guy wearing a blue cap and a combination of white and blue-collar shirt. I bet he is working as someone who helps people move out of their homes.

I just silently watched them, I heard that it would also take an hour before we reached Holmefrost. I'm just wondering what the place looks like. I anyhow feel excited, but still there is disappointment in my heart. New place, new surroundings, I assume there would be a new neighborhood to befriend. Staying at the new place can be tough, I’m not used to it. The only way to reduce my boredom is to make friends, I'm pretty sure there are a lot of good people there.

Despite all of that, it's a good thing someone assisted us so it's easier to move. I hope it will be a nice stay.

Solomon answered the man, "Would it be nice if we shall come by now? I hate to waste my time, sir. Thank you so much for your help, too." I gaze at the stuff that was in place outside and I pouted, it is really tiring to travel. My brother's in a hurry, he probably wants to get out of our old home.

I can't blame him, I always heard him asking for his Mom's help. He badly wants to have a new place, a quiet and refreshing one.

Even though Dad told him a few times, his heart is still as hard as a stone. He doesn't listen, he's way hardheaded.

It's really awkward in my situation as well. I wouldn't be staying with Solomon if Dad didn't told me to. He never knew about what truly happened in my past. Dad always thought that we have misunderstanding between his wife's son. And staying in the house with my Dad's other family is not easy. I mean, staying with my Father's wife and son, it's exhausting. Mom and Dad are not married either, and she left me a long time ago and my father took me with him.

As I watch them being busy with their work, I notice how he looks so tired. I sniffed on and frowned. He is so stressed, I bet it's because of me. He's older than me and still not prepared for greater things to come, I assume he is always bothered because of how our parents expect good things from him.

"Sol," I called out but he did not hear me, he went inside the compartment getting the other stuff.

I chose to observe the entire headway until my step brother approached me and held my hand. "Let's go, Scekinah. It's already eleven o'clock in the morning, maybe we will be having our lunch at the new place, is that alright with you?" He uttered and tucked my hair, I simply nodded at his words and distanced myself from him. Yet to be honest, I was surprised because of his sudden action.

I really hope that everything goes well with the two of us. I mean staying in that new place with him would be difficult for me, I know Sol's attitude, he's such a bossy man. But still, I'll take this as a chance to breathe. I must trust God's process. I do believe that there's a reason why our family is like this, we never had our own home since the incident happened and I'm thanking God for providing us.

Even though our parents are not with us, I am still believing and praying that Jesus will surely restore our family. Everything has a purpose, even the simple pain which my heart felt.

We head our way inside the car and I take a grip of my doll, Hani. My father gave it to me, it was a birthday gift when I was seven years old and until now I still keep it with me. I watch the road as we head our way toward the new home, I perceive that it is a strange place. Well, I could sense it.

"Sol, my birthday is fast approaching. I know I won't be able to celebrate it with a party and balloons but can I at least invite Anna with me?" I questioned and leaned my head into the car seat, I felt him moved and had a glance at me yet he didn't bother to respond. I only heard his sigh and right after that, he didn't respond at all.

I remained silent, but after minutes I heard him speak. "Your father will plan for your birthday event, the decision will always be on him. I suggest you should have a peaceful rest and enjoy the new atmosphere, don't bother to invite anyone for now." He responded and I simply nodded my head. I want to speak but I preferred to keep quiet, he must have been reasonably exhausted.

"I really do hope he'll remember my birthday," I whispered.

"... Scek," I heard him call out for my name, I lifted my head and gazed at his direction.


"You are a smart girl, and I believe that you can exceed further in your class. Promise me that you will always do good, no matter what happens." The words that came out of his mouth were the reason why a sudden start of curiosity engulfed my mind.

What is he saying? I thought he never like me? I thought he hated me for being almost good at everything?

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked him. I waited for him to answer, I don't want to expect but I really want to feel at least the brotherly love from him. It's been so long since I remember our closeness.

Solomon never like the idea of having me as his sister, he constantly opposes my father and he believes that he is way good at everything than me. He is competitive.

"I don't want to see your father sad, that's all you can help for now. Make him proud." He retorted and I was dumbfounded.

I don't know how to react anymore, I know he doesn't really like to see Dad being disappointed, Sol felt the fatherly love from him and he wants to make him proud as well.

"... Okay, sure. I'll work hard with my studies." I answered and lowered my head, I've been striving hard to be better in class and that's because all of them have high expectations from me. Despite all of that, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, so I don't need to worry much.

We waited for the entire trip, and it took us an hour to finally arrived. The guy who drives the car for us assisted him as they took out the stuff from the car.

The moment we arrived at the subdivision, I noticed that there isn't much neighborhood around. The place is quiet and I only see lesser people, I watch the surrounding through the window and I saw tall trees in each corner of the path.

Anna probably have to wait for a bus before arriving here, she doesn't mention too much about her place but she told me that they lived here. She always accompany me to walk home because she knows I'm afraid of bad guys, I thought that she'd ride a bus on her way home.

A refreshing atmosphere greeted my sight and I really admired the peaceful place.

"Welcome to the Holmefrost District, Solomon." The guy in the driver's seat spoke and slowed down on steering. I barely looked around until the car came to a complete stop.

"The company didn't failed me, it looks so neat and peaceful here." Sol commented and observed every corner of the gate house which was facing in our direction.

"It was recently built, and merely twenty household moves in this place." The guy replied and took a glimpse of the paper card on his grip,

"Your house number shall be 07103. Here is your new home, sir." We stopped at a huge gate. I took a glance outside and saw the house number.

07103, that is a pretty number. I wonder how fine the home can look from inside.

"Not bad, I'll send the payment in your company's account," I heard my brother, I smiled because I could see he liked the place.

"Here's our new home, Scekinah. I want this place to be as organized as possible, I don't want to hear any troubles, understand? You are allowed to do anything you want but make sure to know your limitations." I heard him uttered, and here he is again, being bossy and protective but he couldn't admit to himself that he failed to protect me before because out of jealousy, he attempted to hurt me. He went out of the car first and the guy assists him in bringing out the stuff and luggages.

I hurried my way to come out to follow them yet I paused from walking when I notice that someone is staring at me. Wait, why do I seem nervous all of a sudden?

I slowly shifted my gaze toward the house next door and I saw a boy looking at me, intently. He is taller and he has raven hair, he is wearing a white shirt paired with dark green shorts and in his grip was a basketball.

Okay? Who is this guy? Why is he staring at me? I stared back at him and observe his ways. He looks so strange, I wonder who he is?

"Scek, go and bring some of your belongings." I averted my eyes from him and run towards the gate. As I finally entered the yard, I quickly carried the belongings that were on the terrace.

I was trying to distract my mind from thinking about the guy earlier. I haven't seen much of how he looks but it's weird to feel.

"I guess Anna will be visiting me once she finds out we moved in, I hope we can get along as always," I mentioned to my brother but I didn't receive any response from him.

I walk near the open door and I take in the other stuff with me. We stroll through the rooms and survey them one by one, we checked the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms and even the laundry room and the study room which was personally made for me. "What do you think, Sol?" The guy who helped us asked him and he just nodded his head to agreed on.

Solomon fixed the strand of his hair and cleared his throat before speaking, "The new place is great, it is huge enough for us but I really find the surroundings peaceful."

"I am glad that you like our area, here are the keys, sir. Also, Mr. Damson sent me an email about the said car that he would be purchasing for his daughter. I'll just send it to the team, either today or tomorrow." I saw how Sol let go of a bitter smile, and the guy shifted his gaze on me and he proceeded to talk. "Do not hesitate to call me if you need any help, have a good day." The guy went out and drove the car. I watched him went away and I bitterly bid my goodbyes.

"Oh, wow. I didn't know this is fast." Silence covers the entire atmosphere and all I did was to glance at Sol's direction, he was comfortably sitting on the couch with his eyes closed.

We are finally here in our new place. What else must I do now? It's already Thursday and I was actually planning to have a little study for our reporting.

I really do hope and pray to have a victorious years living in this place. I will also dedicate this new home to the Lord for He is the one who provided for us. He hears my affliction and I know that He will take care of us.

"Let God's will prevail."

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