Baby Maybe

Baby Maybe

By:  Chalista Saqila  Completed
Language: English
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On the night when Anna was crowned queen and king of promnight with her lover, Juhyun afterward fucked her in the health room when Anna was drunk. The girl doesn't know what happened and becomes hysterical the next day when she finds Junhyu next to her in a mess. Anna is angry. Anna cursed Junhyu hundreds of times for using her while drunk. Besides that Junhyu is not a popular student at her school. Junhyu is a strange nerd student who is often bullied by her and her boyfriend. Anna suspects that Junhyu actually has a grudge against her and wants to avenge all her crimes by screwing her on promnight. But more than that, it turns out that Junhyu has another secret which is his reason for fucking Anna that night.

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41 Chapters
That is my son. Yes! The little boy in the stroller is my son, Leo Lee. Then the grown man standing behind the stroller of course my husband, Lee Junhyu. Well... it's still so hard to believe. I never thought that I would get Leo in such an unexpected way. Of course my story is very cliché, we got Leo because of an accidental incident. Lee Junhyu fucked me when I was drunk. But I guess we both did it under the influence of alcohol. It's just not what I want to tell you, but who Lee Junhyu really is. This really doesn't make sense because a quiet, unpopular, slightly geeky guy with his thick glasses turns out to be able to make a popular girl at Kirin High School pregnant in one time were making love! Oh my God, that really is something beyond common sense. In fact, my friends and I used to make fun of him so badly that he had scratched his forehead on the edge of the school fence. Ohh... those were really dark times. And I think that now I have gotten a better life because o
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“Anna, there is a promnight invitation for you. You will come with your handsome guy, right?” I received a pink invitation card from Tiffany while exclaiming enthusiastically. The promnight party is a party that all students at Kirin High School look forward to. In this party everyone will wear their best clothes and one best couple will be crowned the king and queen of promnight. I hope this year I get it with Jihoo oppa. Moreover, this is also Jihoo oppa's last year here, I want to carve as many happy memories as possible with Jihoo oppa. "After school we have to go to the boutique and find a dress for tomorrow." said Jessica excitedly. I immediately nodded in agreement at the idea and started thinking about a dress color that would suit me at the promnight. This year maybe I will wear a fuschia colored dress because currently the color trend for that dress is the most popular among young girls like me. "Anna, look what happened." Suddenly T
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"Arghhh... what happened?"            I tried to get up from my sleeping position while holding my head which was still throbbing.Last night I must have been drinking soju so much that I ended up feeling really dizzy like this. Even though so far I have never drunk alcohol, it was my first experience. I do remember the time a waiter walked back and forth with a bottle of soju. I then asked the waiter to bring two bottles of soju with the excuse that I wanted to drink it with my other friends. Instead, I took two bottles of soju to the back garden, then decided to get drunk there alone.But now I feel like I'm no longer in the park. I was in a quite warm and comfortable room with a soft mattress. Then... wait! I'm not alone here.Oh, my God!I immediately scanned the room around me as well as a man who seemed like he was not wearing clothes under the white blanket that had opened up to his wai
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"Have you never eaten?"I frowned softly while trying to match my gaze to the white room around me. How long have I been here? Feels like I’ve been slept for quite a while since I lost consciousness a while ago."Drink, then eat this.""How long have I been here?""I don't know, but it's already late, four o'clock.""I must go home."I quickly got out of this treatment bed, but Junhyu immediately prevented me with his arms stretched out in front of my body."Take your medicine and eat this before you leave.""I'll eat at home later, move!"I stomped his hand roughly until the water he handed me spilled onto the floor. But I didn't care and chose to leave here immediately. I have to go home soon because my friends must be looking for me right now. I've been missing for quite a while today, and I'm sure they don't know I'm here."Earlier I told your friends as well as your lover if you were here, but your love
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My life has gotten even stranger since I experienced unexpected things with Junhyu. The day after I passed out, the next day Tiffany and Jessica came to the house because I decided to rest at home. At least I need to clear my mind first to face the next days which will always cause me problems. What's more, the idiot has also become more annoying since that day. His words and the pills he gave me made me think of the bad things that could have happened. After all he is also a man. And unfortunately I don't know if he's a normal guy or not. Maybe physically he looks weak so often bullied by Jihoo oppa and his friends. But who knows if it has something unexpected in it.The thought of it immediately made the hair on my neck come back bristling. I quickly turned my head to the left to prove my hypothesis wrong.However... again my hypothesis is not wrong. Ever since Lee Junhyu touched me on that promnight night, I always felt the hair on my neck goose bumps whenever he wa
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Three months have passed since that terrible incident, I feel like my body is not getting better gradually, instead I feel getting weaker recently. Sometimes I also lose the appetite to do this and that, and just want to lie down all day at home. Even this afternoon, I also feel lazy to get out of my comfortable foam chair. Even though all my friends have been home since thirty minutes ago, but I still feel at home lingering in class while resting my head on the table tiredly.Until now I have not dared to prove my hypothesis about a pregnancy that might happen to me, even though two weeks ago I had bought a test pack at a pharmacy. But those things just piled up in my bag without daring to touch it at all. More or less my heart tells me that maybe I'm really carrying the baby of that bastard guy, but my logic keeps trying to deny it. Just imagine, what the whole school would say if they found out I was fucked by that disgusting man. They will definitely think of me as a chea
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I waited nervously in front of the doctor's examination room, wrapping my hands tightly to ease my nervousness. I have been completely frustrated this week by all the troubles that are happening to me right now. After I tried the test pack Junhyu gave me, I also decided to try the five test packs that I bought at home. I still don't really believe the test pack results that Junhyu gave me. But unfortunately when I tried the five test packs, the same results were seen on each of my test pack screens. I'm positive for the pregnant of that damn bastard. God, I don't think I want to live anymore. I want to submerge myself to the bottom of the ocean, then sleep peacefully there without anything disturbing my life. "Miss Im Anna ..." "Me..." I immediately stood up when the nurse called me while giving me a soft smile. She must be trying to ease my nervousness because this is the first time I have come to this maternity clinic. I've decided carefully if I'm going to
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So what happened today was just a dream? I smiled a little in relief when I found myself still lying on the bed with my favorite pink pajamas and also a thick blanket that wrapped my body. Thank goodness that the incident at the clinic was just a dream, because I really don't want to have to deal with that guy again. "Finally you wake up, it's time for lunch Anna." "You? What are you doing in my room?" I screamed hysterically when I found him in front of my door, carrying a tray of food that was still smelling thin smoke in the air. So what happened at the clinic wasn't a dream? That guy actually drove me home and even changed my clothes? Oh shit! What other surprise will I receive from that damn man. "Time to eat, and you must eat for the good of my son." "Get out of here, I don't want to see you damn it!"  “It's up to you, it's up to you if you want to hate me as much as you want, but that will never change anything. You are sti
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"I don't understand how you ended up with Lee Junhyu, have you been close?" I closed my eyes for a moment and returned to open my eyes with a blank look. I've been here for more than thirty minutes, sitting in front of my parents in the condition of a convict being judged in court. Actually my parents didn't scold me for that inappropriate act, it's just that they were too curious about how I came from to end up with Lee Junhyu. Of course my parents were surprised because I was always picky about friends and didn't let just anyone get close to me, because I was an exclusive woman. And now suddenly I'm pregnant with the child of a man who is not popular at school, of course my parents are surprised. "No dad, we're just friends in the science club." It's true, he used to be a senior in the science club. But I only joined them for two months, after which I decided to leave because I was bored with smart people who often see popular people as school troublesome m
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"From now on you will live here." "I want to go home!"  “This is a decision made by your parents and mine Anna, so you can't argue with that. Your mom will have to return to Australia next week, which means you will be home again alone. And your mother doesn't want you to fend for yourself in the middle of your current pregnancy, so she wants you to stay here with me and my mother."  “No, I want to go home! I don't want to be in the same room as you." “You don't have to worry Anna, I won't do anything to you. Besides, pregnant women are no longer attractive." Damn it! How dare that guy insult me ​​and just leave me with all the anger exploding inside me. Brukk I dropped myself in frustration on the bed while staring at the ceiling of Junhyu's empty room. What am I going to do here with the Junhyu’s family? They all never knew what really happened between me and Junhyu. I'm going to be tormented more here with all the
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