6 Chapters
The clouds cover the blue sky and the sun is about to set. I hurried my feet to walk near the seashore as I deeply gazed at the ocean, mesmerizing every tip of the waves it creates whenever it dashes on the sands. It's getting late and the night is fast approaching. I wonder where I must go? I skipped my class considering that I almost got into a fight. Oh well, it's never my fault, and I just felt like giving myself space. Today's so tiring and having myself stare at the sky the entire night would make me calm down. My older brother would certainly scold me the moment he finds out that I nearly get into a dispute at school. But as usual, he would be ignoring my presence once I got home. It's nothing new, he told me that he truly hates me. In fact, he wants me gone. I guess life's not really all about rainbows, there would be rains and storms too. "Scekinah!" Someone called me from behind and so I hurriedly turned my back to see the owner of the voice. It's Anna, and as usual, her
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It was a fine day, probably. I saw how the clouds covers the smiling sun. I sigh when I realize that we are about to move out today, I hope my step mother will change her mind. But guess what? She's not entertaining other people's opinions, especially when it comes from me. She's always the one who decides and take control. It's so tiring, I really thought that as I grow up, I'll get a chance to decide for myself even just once. I guess it's really a bad decision to permit my father to marry her? "Here are the papers, Solomon. Your mother desires to name the contract after you, sir. Is it alright?" I heard the guy asked. I shifted my gaze and glanced at my brother, he was probably thinking of what to answer. "The two of us will be staying at the new place, so I supposed it can be named after us?" I heard him reply.I leaned closer to his ear and whispered, "You're the eldest, Sol. You can just name it after you."He didn't listen to me. Oh well, what would I expect? He's been like
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The scorching sun hit my bare skin and so I hastily got up from my bed and closed the window curtains. It's Friday and guess what? I'll be going outside since I noticed that the backyard is too plain. I think I need to put flowers around. I have nothing else to do all day, apart from studying textbooks for the upcoming exam, I'll be doing my journal and my meditation of God's word, also I have my time for my sketching as well. I barely looked around the room, to this day I still wonder why we moved so suddenly. Yesterday, my step brother and I had our lunch together. He mentioned a lot to me, he also enrolled me in the same Academy where he was currently studying and I really need to study well so I could pass the entrance examination. And his mother told him so, and they thought it was a good thing to keep me closer and safe. He told me that it would be even better if we attend the same school so that somehow Dad would be able to reach out for me or ask for an update on what was h
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"Hey, it's just me, are you the new girl?" His whisper echoed inside my head yet I couldn't gain the strength to face him.I barely breathe because of shock. I felt his hands, he's holding mine very tight. I felt my knees trembling, and I could feel his deep breathing. "Get away from me!" I exclaimed and struggled to untie his grip on me. "Keep quiet, you might wake up the monster. Why are you here? Did my mother tell you to come over to my room?" My eyes then widened upon hearing his voice. I couldn't stop my feet from shaking, our bodies are so close that I could feel his heat. I'm becoming scared. What is he even saying? "Don't touch me, Archer!" I exclaimed once more and successfully got away from him. I was catching breath — gasped. I felt like I would fall to the floor at any moment.I was gasping for air and I saw his stares shift. He was glaring at me, without even blinking. "Why are you so noisy? I told you to keep silent. You won't like it when the monster chases you."
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I didn't do anything else all day except what I was used to, I forgot to start my prayer this morning so I was late to do it. I also journaled on my Bible as I was seeking for a certain verse that I can memorize for the day. Until now, I'm still puzzled as to what I must do inorder for me to send my apologies. The thought really disturbs me, I shouldn't have screamed at his face. But the thought that he suddenly grabbed me brought so much memory of the past. Most of them are the bad ones, how I hate to recall those disgusting moments I once had when I was a kid. "What else can be done today?" I whispered and gently lay down on my bed. I'm almost done with my journal and I am also planning to have a little time in sketching. I got up again and walks near the window, I gently tucked the curtains and had a peek outside. It was afternoon and the subdivision was very quiet, there weren't too many people and I was really wondering where Anna was now. "How I miss school, I should study f
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Right after I had a quick rest, I headed my way downstairs to check what Solomon's up to. I gently comb my hair using my fingertips and walks straight toward the kitchen area. The smell of baked cookies greeted me and excitement began to embrace my senses. "Scekinah, you're here. How's your sleep? I already contacted Anna and she told me she'll be here any moment." Solomon greeted my sight and as usual, I lead my way near the table and sat on my favorite stool. "Uh, we will be visiting our neighbor later, I am allowed to do that right?" I was hoping for him to agree right away but I saw how he flashes off a disappointed face. He let out a sigh before talking, it's too obvious that he dislikes the idea. "Whatever, do what you want but better not regret it later." He warned me, and I simply nodded and forced a smile.He walks out of the kitchen and goes upstairs to get his phone, probably going to contact his best friend, Adam. I could barely breathe, so I also stood for a while to g
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