Chapter 107

The car ride was bumpy, and my stomach lurched at the motions, but my limbs were still tied together, and I couldn't move.

Lilla's eyes were red. "What should we do?"

"Don't worry... There's always a way."

Lilla nodded nervously. "...Okay."

The car came to an abrupt stop. After a few moments, I could smell the dampness and saltiness in the air.

The sea! We were at the beachside!

The back door opened, and Melissa coldly snorted, "Hmph! Alpha Enzo came just in time. Otherwise, you two would be dead by now. Well, that's fine anyway. Let's play another game!"

Melissa smiled wildly. "Let's see how much your mate really loves you, hmm?"

Max pulled both Lilla and me out of the car. It was pitch black around us, and I could hear the waves crashing like crazy. We were standing on a high reef, and if we jumped down from here, the waves would definitely swallow us up.

Lilla was already sitting limply on the ground, so I forced myself to stay calm and asked, "What the hell is your plan?"

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