Chapter 50 - Steamy Memories

It wasn't hard to find them at all, because there was Elsa, her head poked out of the car's backseat window while she yelled.

"Finally. I thought you needed a royal summon or something, Princess!"

Ivy opened the car and settled in next to Chris who immediately planted a kiss on her lips, then started driving.

"Sorry for keeping you all waiting. My mum just wants me to get married and she sent some really spicy pictures to convince me."

"Really?" Chris asked.


"I will have to find a way to send some of my pictures to her, then tell her I'm with her daughter. If she is anything like you say she is, that should be enough to make her start planning a wedding."

"Don't you dare!" She said amidst a chuckle.

Wow, he hadn't lost his mind.

This guy was just a different breed. Asides from fact that he was vampire...


Ivy turned back, looking at Elsa who was looking into Jett's laptop as he said something to her about something on the screen.

Everyone in this car was a vampire, asid
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