Chapter 57 - Trouble In Paradise

When Ivy got back to the hotel, Chris was in the kitchen, cooking.

She had greeted him with a smile and he had pulled her into a tight embrace, asking how her day went and apologizing that he couldn't go out shopping with her today.

"I'm so sorry, Love. Let's fix it to tomorrow, yah?" He added at the end, helping her put away her numerous bags, his red apron still tied around his neck.

In a flash, he had hurried to the room with the bags, and just as quickly, he was back with none. He hurried over to the pot on fire, turning over what he was frying to prevent it from burning.

Ivy took in a deep breath, leaning against one of the kitchen cabinet while drumming her fingers on her forehead.

The air was filled with a delicious aroma, in fact, there was no doubt that Chris was a good chef. She wondered how many years he had practiced for, which also made her have a fleeting thought about something else.

Did vampires even need to eat food?

She stood up straight, no longer leaning again
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