Chap-141*She Got The Lord*

Author’s POV

"She is fine now." a doctor had run all the tests on Layla to make sure Layla and her baby were fine. Layla saw the look on Silver’s face when hearing she was fine. She must be so angry that Layla didn’t die, Layla assumed.

"Thank you so much for coming here again." Silver thanked the doctor and asked a maid to accompany her to the door. Once Silver and Layla were left alone, Silver let out a grunt to express her anger toward Layla.

"What the hell were you thinking? Aren’t you happy to exhaust everyone here? Why the heck did you go to the prison?" she wasn’t sure why Layla was walking around being a mischievous brat.

"It wasn’t my fault, okay? I was just trying to visit the prisoners and see how things are going," she scoffed, shaking her head as if it was indeed true.

"Why don’t you fool somebody else?" Silver groaned, glaring at her for lying so smoothly.

"Listen, I am the Luna queen! I can walk around and do whatever I want." Layla had enough of Silver telling her what
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Zesta Amanda Skouson-McGinnis
It’s been 2 weeks since this last chapter and 1 chapter the week before. This is 141 chapters that we’ve already paid for. I could have bought the entire Harry Potter series for the amount I’ve spent on this book so far. We truly deserve to read the rest of this book. I’m disappointed now.
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Melissa Singleton
Please finish the book. I understand you have other projects, but we’ve paid for this book and for you to continue dragging it along is completely wrong. This book should have been completed. How can you start something new and not complete a prior project. Not A Very Wise Person…
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Zesta Amanda Skouson-McGinnis
Have you forgotten us?
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