CHAPTER 63: The truth hurts


I was walking towards the restroom in search of Adele the moment I found she'd excused herself from talking with Manager Henry's loud wife. Seeing her smile and talk with Carlo was really a heart shattering moment for me. When he'd leaned behind her ears and whispered something, I felt really sick within. And then, the moment Emily had come by and taken her away, Carlo had sent a knowing glare my direction.

I just watched him silently from the side. Would I really let him take her away from me? I knew the answer to that question in my heart. It's really going to be a tough decision.

Presently, I was walking down the hallway when I sighted her coming from the opposite direction, her eyes on her phone. Her eyebrows furrowed as a bewildered look reflected on her face. What's it this time? Another secret she may never spill?

I could feel the intense battle of my emotions within me as my eyes took in her every move. Would she even accept my feelings? There's no p
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