Author's Appreciation Note

Hey guys! It's Author Queenes here.

I wanna say thanks to everyone who took out time to read this novel. I hope you were inspired by this book as I was too. Finally, we've come to an end of Adele and Carlo's love story. 

When I started writing this novel three months ago, I didn't think I'd be able to complete it. I admit, it wasn't an easy journey but y'all here precious people who kept reading, unlocking the chapters, voting, commenting and adding my books to your libraries was the biggest support an author could ever have wished for. Y'all were my biggest motivation and finally, I was able to scale through this because of your believe in me. Your encouragements were what motivated me to keep on going with this project even when I was at my weakest moments.

Thanks for believing in a newbie author like me and giving my book your support. I'm sincerely grateful :) 

I hope we all keep sharing love around.

Lastly, I'd sincerely love to know your thoughts about the novel ONLY TILL FOREVER now that we've officially come to an end on this project. 

As always, your comments and supports __ other means included, would be very much appreciated. Your comments, most especiallyūüėć‚ėļ

Thanks once more to y'all my readers and the awesome GoodNovel team who provided me with a means through which I could share my works.

Sending love and peace to everyone. I'm wishing y'all every best.ūüíĮ

Oops! If you really enjoyed this novel, I'd be glad to get your support on my other books as well. Thank you lovelies‚̧ūüíē‚̧

    ~Queenes Protection Status