How I was able to ignore Ace at the office was something. I didn’t speak to him unless it involved work. He kept his distance and so did I. I made sure to be cold to him. I was too busy building up hate in my heart for Ace to notice the tension that had built up in the office.

Every evening when I returned from work, I’d cry so much that my head and eyes would hurt. I always felt like the walls I built up to make me mentally sane were going to crumble and fall on me. I was losing my shit. An arranged marriage.

If something is not done about it, I might end up committing suicide and I’m not kidding about this. If my depression worsens, I surely will.

Mama had been trying so hard to control my life and I always found ways to prevent that, until this arranged marriage got in the way. She should be rewarded for that, being able to accomplish the impossible, something no one has been able to do, controlling my life. She deserved it. I wondered if she was boasting to her relatives about her
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les mccormack
Please let us know when to expect updates. Great story so far
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