Is there something you are hiding?

      "Ok, I will try, let's talk later," Purity replied.

     "Take care of yourself and be safe," 

Andrew hanged up and she handed the phone back to him.

      "Thank you," she appreciated.

      "Have you taken your drugs?" He asked.

      "No, I don't even know which drugs I'm supposed to take," she answered.

      "Freshen up and I'm coming," 

She nodded and left the room. Getting to her room she headed to the bathroom and as much as she didn't want the water to get to the wounds, there was no way she could achieve that on her own. 

Limping out of the bathroom, with a towel on, she had a chance to look around the room. 

It was a blend of black and white unlike her room which had blue and pink, her favorite colors.

She didn't have a change of cloth and was scared to check the closet fear of invading his privacy. She sat on the bed and started checking the drugs on the lampstand.

Denzel walks in with another set of pajamas and handed to her.

      "Use that,"

      "Thank you," She appreciates and goes to the bathroom.

Looking at herself in the mirror she realizes she looks like a scarecrow are the clothes are two big. 

      "Do I have a choice," she thinks to herself and walks back to the bedroom. 

On the lampstand was a glass of water and she picked it, sitting on the bed with it. He handed her some drugs and she swallowed them. As she droped the glass down, the door opened and Venessa entered the room.

       "Do you have the ointment?" Denzel asked.

       "Yes sir, I will apply it on her," Vanessa answered.

      "Hand it over," Denzel instructed.

     "Sir...," Her words are interrupted by the look on his face and she swallowed hard the lumpsum in her throat.

She takes the ointment from her bag and handed it to him.

      "How do I use it?" He questioned looking at it.

    "Twice a day in the morning and evening you apply on the affected area," 

     "Any side effects?" 

     "The area will itch but for a few minutes she should just leave it," 

      "You can leave," it was more like an order even though his voice was calm and low the authoritative part of it couldn't be missed.

Vanessa bowed and walked out and Purity faced him.

       "Why did you do that?" Purity asked him.

       "I did something wrong?" He asked back and she kept quiet remembering Andrew's words.

       "If he was a bad person, he would have heart you yesterday," 

Not saying another word, he sat beside her and started applying the ointment on her. 

At the door Vanessa was watching them and not being able to take it anymore she ran downstairs bumping into Daniel who was coming in.

      "Why are you crying?" Dan asked.

      "Who is that girl?" She asked.

      "I'm just coming in, how should I know the girl you are talking about?"

      "The girl Denzel brought yesterday, he is taking care of her,"  

       "You are listening to yourself? You are the only girl who has ever been closer to him because you are his doctor, and he doesn't bring those runs girl's into his house. Which girl?" Daniel wasn't understanding anything she was saying.

        "Yesterday when you called me, he came in with a girl and she was injured. I took care of her and today I was to bring an ointment for her scars. That is why I'm here but he didn't even allow me close to her, he took the ointment from me and asked me to leave the room. I stayed at the door and watched him apply the ointment on her face so affectionately," Vanessa narrated everything to him.

      "I'm trying to believe you. This shouldn't affect you, we all know he can't have a thing with his employees so why hurt yourself?" 

      "I love him and all I want is for him to love me back, I'm I asking for too much?" Vanessa asked in tears.

      "You know I don't like seeing you in tears. I will find out who the girl is. Where is she?" 

      "They are in the room next to his," 

Daniel nodded and decided to go and find out by himself, if it was true or Vanessa was hallucinating. He won't be surprised, once you are in love with someone you always imagine things about them.

Vanessa remained on the couch crying, hoping that he will come downstairs and explain to her what just happened. Tell her why he chased her out. There must be an explanation to everything.

      "I'm hungry," Purity spoke after he was done applying the ointment.

     "Give me few minutes I order something," he requested as a knock was planted on the door.

      "Who is there?" Denzel asked.


      "Thank goodness it's you, order some food for two," he instructed.

      "Ok sir," 

Dan took his phone and ordered for his favorite food. He had stayed with him long enough to know his favorite. 

He went downstairs to wait for the food and Vanessa was still on the couch crying.

       "I think you should go home, I will find out and talk to you tomorrow when you are calm," Dan suggested.

      "Please tell him that I love him," she begged.

     "Let me talk to him first then know what next, you are the one supposed to tell him that it's more personal," 

     "Find out for me," she pleaded and he nodded.

She took her bag and rushed out still in tears. Daniel sighed on the couch. 

     "What have I gotten myself into?" He thought to himself.

The knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. He walked to the door, took the food, paid the delivery guy and set the table for them. 

He took the stairs to call them.

      "Sir the food is at the table," He called out from the door.

     "We are coming," he said from the inside and Dan walked back downstairs.

He was so eager to meet this mysterious girl who miraculously found her way into Denzel's house, something nobody else had ever done.

As they walked downstairs Denzel was even helping her. Dan pinched himself to make sure he was not dreaming. On second glance, he noticed how beautiful and innocent she looked but too innocent to be in there world. 

Her long silk like hair that had covered part of her face made her look more cute.

The big clothes made her look funny but still beautiful. Her looks didn't fit for a call girl then where did they meet? Could she be the reason he didn't come to the warehouse? 

He was thinking and didn't hear Denzel talk to him till he was thrown by one of the pillows.

      "Is it urgent?" Denzel asked again.

      "What?" He asked back.

      "What brought you here, is it urgent?" 

      "I'll wait in the study," 

      "Good morning," Purity greeted him.

      "Good morning, I'm Daniel, his friend," Daniel introduced himself expecting her to follow the same format to give him a hint on who she was.

       "I'm Purity," she said calmly with a smile.

He nodded and took the stairs. Denzel was used to having his meals alone or sometimes even miss meals but having company didn't seem bad. 

       "You stay alone here?" She asked and he nodded.

       "This house is to big to be alone don't you think?" 

       "I'm used to that, but you will keep me company for a while?" He questioned and she chuckled.

      "I think by now my dad knows I'm missing he must be looking for me," 

      "I have never seen you, why is that yet you are part of the Wilson family?"

      "I'm the family's shame, I don't like talking about it. Let's eat, you are not eating and your friend is waiting for you," she smiled urging him to eat.

After the meal he left her still eating and went to join Dan in the study.

      "How is the man? Has he spoken?" Denzel asked.

      "We haven't done anything to him, we were waiting for and that is why I'm here,"

     "I'll be there tomorrow, the police are investigating more on the attack, did you leave any trace?" 

      "No, everything is under control. Who is that girl?" Dan questioned.

      "I heard her tell you her name,"

      "I know, who is she to you?"

      "No one to me?"

      "Is she one of your flings? You know it's dangerous for her to be here? Carl promised to do something, remember?" 

      "I'm supposed to be scared of Carl?" 

      "Not of Carl, but for her. She can easily be broken. Why are keeping her here if she is nothing to you? I don't want to meddle on your affairs but I have a question. Do have feelings for her?"

      "I think I have given you so many privileges that are starting to get to your head. I met her yesterday and she was in bad shape, I only wanted to help her,"

      "You need to be careful, she is pretty though and if it was just a one time help, she is fine now, allow her go home. One more thing, Vanessa is in love with you," 

      "What nonsense is that?" 

      "She has been for as long as I remember and you know it. She has been crying downstairs after seeing you taking care of that strange girl,"

     "Arrange a blind date for Vanessa, and I will take care of Purity myself," he instructed confusing Dan.

He has nothing to do with her yet he wants to take care of her?

     "Is there something you àre trying to hide?" Dan arched his eyebrows at him.

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