Yes Daddy

Yes Daddy

By:  Red Inkling   Updated just now
Language: English
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"Good... I want to see you play with yourself and unless you have my permission, you can't f*cking c*m" "Yes, Daddy" * MONALISA I thought I had a problem being aroused. My ex boyfriend broke up with me for being insensitive to his touches and I thought I really had a problem with myself until I met him, Lucius Devine, my late father's best friend. He could make me wet just by staring at me and his slightest touches could make the 'insensitive' me shudder and c*m. Yet, he wanted boundaries, he wanted to be a father figure to me but I didn't want him as a father. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my daddy. I wanted to be his little submissive sl*t and I was going to break his boundaries until I become Daddy's Little Sub.

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Love this book, but keep getting distracted with some of the grammar. If you would ever like an editor, I’d be happy to help!
2024-04-11 08:12:56
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Love this story. Please finish it.
2024-04-06 04:40:28
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When will there be another update :) ?
2024-04-04 20:43:54
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Nessa “NESSA” R
I LOVE ... this BoOK .........
2024-03-30 03:14:17
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I’m in love with this book
2024-03-26 17:05:11
user avatar
It was very interesting. Recommend
2024-03-24 11:52:55
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Dhina Ponziani
great book!
2024-03-23 17:42:57
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Delinda Schumacher
80 chapters 3-6-24
2024-03-07 04:39:27
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this story is just amazing
2024-02-26 14:29:05
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Lori Wilkerson Phillips
is the book completed yet? the synopsis has definitely grabbed my attention and I want to read it but not until it's completed? if it's not completed yet will it be soon?
2024-02-25 07:28:08
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Fatima Aslam
I kinda like ... this makes me to be satisfied with my sexuality compatibility ...
2024-02-18 13:52:17
default avatar
Enticingly suspenseful book
2024-02-17 21:24:56
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Meagann Taitt-Abiraj
really enjoying this book ...️...️...️
2024-02-11 12:34:54
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Renee Cameron
Amazing read so far this author never disappoints highly recommended to read you won’t be disappointed
2024-01-22 19:51:13
user avatar
The synopsis got me wanting more
2024-01-18 15:40:23
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93 Chapters
A Hot Stranger
MONALISA I walked down the rainy and lonely path leading home, not caring about the rain pouring down my body and wetting me up in a way my boyfriend could never. My boyfriend had just broken up with me and I was heartbroken, perhaps not very much so but it did hurt me. His reasons? I never responded to his touches well enough and never melted in his arms like I should. He claimed I never let him touch me enough too. Just once I had let him touch my pussy and his remark? I was dry as fuck and penetration would hurt. That was just a week ago and today he had broken up with me, giving me one advise... To become a virgin nun for the rest of my life as I was too insensitive to a man's touch. I was mad at how much he had shamed my body. It wasn't a lie that I couldn't get wet with him but I knew that was not entirely my fault. It could not be my fault. I had to be sexually attracted to some type of people but I had no idea what type of people I could be attracted to. At a point, I ha
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He Is Lucius Devine?!
MONALISA I spat on the older stranger's cock a bit more and then moved my hands again. It was easier this time and I bet it felt better for him too as I heard him utter some curses, definitely in pleasure. "Use your fucking mouth, already" his hands suddenly reached into my hair and pulled me down onto his cock. If I was capable of reasoning at this point, I would have yelled at him but I had lost the ability to reason. My lips parted, spreading wide to let his huge, thick cock into my mouth, hurting the sides of my lips but though it hurt the sides of my lips, my pussy definitely thought otherwise. I felt an almost uncontrollable itch in my pussy. I was unmistakably horny at the intrusion of this huge cock in my mouth. "You little slut have a tight mouth, don't you?" He groaned and his hand around my head pulled me again to take more of his cock. I had only taken the head of his cock in my mouth and I wasn't sure my mouth could take more. He pulled my face back with a grunt."H
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Just This Once
MONALISA"Lisa, greet him and show your appreciation" Mum whispered to me, clearly irked by my attitude. I turned to face him squarely with a fake smile on my face and stretched my hand out for a handshake which he took, his big hands covering mine made me feel small and yet... Desired. 'Lisa! It's a handshake!' I scolded myself mentally. "Nice meeting you...""You can just call me Lucius" he cut me off and swears, the fact that mum was standing in the living room with us didn't change the effect this man's voice had on me. My gaze dropped to his crotch for a second, subconsciously but I looked away as soon as possible, raising my head up to look at his blue, mesmerising eyes. "Nice meeting you then, Lucius. Thank you for your help." I thanked him and pulled my hand out of his immediately. I was crazy and I needed to be away from this man like right now! Without spending another second, I grabbed my handbag, pulled my hand away from his and sprinted out of the living room. "Lisa
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Don't Call Me Daddy
MONALISA"Do you understand?" Mum asked and I nodded in affirmation. "Yes, mum""He is our...""Mum, I am going to be late for lectures. You have told me over and over again. I will be nice and respectful towards him.""Great. You're coming home tonight?" Mum asked me. "I don't really know yet...""Don't waste your free time roaming about with your friends. Just come back home and stay with me, okay?" She asked. "Alright. I will just come back home" I replied and leaned in, kissing her on both cheeks before pulling away and bading her bye. I skipped out of the house with my bag in hand. It was a new day and I was trying my very best not to think about what had happened last night. Mum had told me he just returned to the country yesterday and was moving into the mansion opposite ours. I looked at the beautiful and huge mansion that was opposite our home and nodded firmly. To own that mansion and this entire estate, that man had to be a multi billionaire. I kicked the thoughts of
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LUCIUSLisa was gone and I was seated behind a table in my home office, trying to work just to get the thoughts of her out of my head. The feel and taste of her lips kept distracting me from work. I never felt like this. Work had always been first for me and nothing at all ever got into my head once I was working but now here I was, trying hard to get myself working while distracted by that thought of a woman in her twenties, a woman whom I should treat as a daughter. But I had really liked the feel of her ass in my hand and her sweet moan. Fuck! How sweetly would she moan if I was to bury my face in between her legs and....My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts and I was so glad about that cause what the hell had I been thinking about? I reached for my phone and grabbed it from the table. It was an unknown contact calling and I narrowed my eyes at the numbers. With a hardened look, I picked the call and took the phone to my ear, staying quiet. For the first few seconds, the oth
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A Wet Dream
MONALISA"Spread those legs wide." his deep voice said and his tone made it clear that it wasn't a suggestion, it was an order and I quickly did as he said. "Yes, Daddy." I cooed, my legs spreading. He was standing at the edge of the bed with fully naked with his huge cock was out and fully erect, its head throbbing and making my pussy so much wetter. I was naked, safe for the fishnet leggings I had on and his hungry gaze roamed my body for a while before he groaned and got into bed with me. "You dirty little slut." he growled with a slap to my right tit that made me gasp and then moan. "You want daddy to fuck you, don't you?" He slapped my left tit and I felt my pussy twitch. I was so horny!"Yes, daddy. I want you to fuck me so bad!" I cried out and felt the head his cock on my pussy lips. It felt so good and I felt like I was going to cum right there and then but I held back, I wanted to cum only when he was inside of me. "I am going to fuck you so hard." the head pushed int
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Need Someone Older
MONALISA The next day"I need a part time job." I said to Francesca and she arched her brows. "Isn't your dad's friend like settling all your bills?" She asked, stopping to talk to me. "Yes..." I drawled, stopping too and waving with a book in my hand. "But it's better I go gain some working experience. Plus it's high time we stopped depending on him." I added. "That's right but if I had that luxury, trust me, I would not even work a tiny bit." she said and I chuckled. "Mum thought about it and I reasoned with her so if you find a job for me, do let me know." I replied. "Sure. Forget about that though, tell me about Bryant." Francesca smiled with a little, excited squeal."Oh my!" I gasped, realizing that Bryant had sent me a message this morning and I hadn't replied till now. I quickly reached into my pocket and pulled my phone out. I had just opened the message when I heard my name being called from behind by his voice. I turned quickly along with Francesca and there was Br
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Protecting Them
LUCIUSLisa's mum had called me to come check up on Lisa. According to her, she had been trying to reach Lisa by calling her phone but Lisa had not been picking up her calls. And as to why I gave Lisa the response I had just given her, I just can't tell. The words just rolled out of my tongue like it was my most natural thing for me to have said to her. Lisa looked a bit shaken but she soon covered it up with a smile. "I was just singing along with the lyrics of the song, da..." She pressed her lips into a thin line, stopping herself from saying the words that the both of us knew quite well. A part of me wished she had said it though. Fuck! Can I just reason well when I am beside her?!"Fine, your mum was calling and you were not picking up so she wanted to know if you were fine.""Oh, I left my phone in my room. I would go pick it up and call her back" she replied in her cute, sweet tone. But then all of a sudden, I noticed a red, almost unnoticeable red light in the red eyes of
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Her Perfect Best Friend
The Next DayMONALISAI sat still even after the class had been over. Even though it had been long hours after the incident happened last night, I still could not shake myself out of it. The more I thought of it, the more it made me shudder. I had done so much in my room while that teddy was right there, staring at me. I had changed, I had danced naked, I had even masturbated! The one time I had done so while moaning 'daddy'."Heavens" I groaned and shut my eyes tightly in embarrassment. "Hey, you have been staring at that wall for quite a while now. What's up with you? That bored with the lecture?" Francesca asked, plopping down beside me. "Something happened last night" I started and turned a bit in my seat to face her. I saw her brows crease in surprise. "What happened? Did something bad happen to you? Did you get hurt?" She asked and I shook my head in a negative response. "At least not physically.""Oh my! Don't tell me things didn't work out between you and Bryant?""That
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MONALISAI had been done with classes since a while ago but I had hung around school searching for Francesca. We were both supposed to go to my home like she had told me. After waiting for about thirty minutes and dialing her contact repeatedly, I was starting to get worried about her. I had checked our cafe but she wasn't there too and the only place I could think of to find was her home. Although Francesca was a bit more outgoing than I was, she rarely went out without telling me especially after we had made plans. Ditching me wasn't her thing to do. I got a cab to Francesca's home, all the while calling her contact repeatedly. I was about to dump my phone in my bad when my eyes caught sight of Bryan's contact. He had called me a few hours ago and I hadn't even noticed right until now. "Jeez. Try better. Be better with this relationship, Lisa. Bryant loves you." I mumbled to myself as the car drove down the street that led to Francesca's apartment. I dialed Bryant's contact b
Read more Protection Status