Ninety: Stranger

Lara sashayed into the restaurant she’d picked for her meeting with Benjamin, with purposeful strides, hoping to finally get this meeting over with and get their plans in action. But a wave of disappointment hit her when her gaze traveled through the large room to see Benjamin wasn’t there. A deep frown marred her face as she glanced at the gold wristwatch adorning her wrist. It was exactly noon, the time they’d fixed for the meeting and she expected him to have been there expecting her arrival but he was nowhere to be found. She glanced around again and contemplated leaving but she knew she had to get this meeting over with and would be very busy in the coming weeks with plans for her fashion show.

Still frowning, she found an empty booth at a far corner of the room, beside a window overlooking the street outside. It’d give them the privacy they needed. Hence, she moved toward it and settled into one of the seats. A waiter approached her to take her order and she asked for a cocktai
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