One-hundred and thirteen: Confession

Jian pushed Lara into the living room, where Amelia and Ryan were waiting for her. He stopped beside one of the sofas directly opposite the one Amelia and Ryan were seated on and tried carrying Lara from the wheelchair, to sit on the sofa but she waved him off, offering him a little smile.

“Are you sure?” he arched a brow at her and she nodded.

“It’s fine,”

Jian exhaled and left her, taking the sofa closest to her.

It’s been two months since Benjamin was apprehended and in all of that time, Lara was slowly slipping out of her pills-induced state. Although her injuries hadn’t properly healed, she was now aware of the happenings around her and was often awake for a few hours, during which she could speak with people. After the incident with Benjamin, no one was allowed in the home, except Amelia, Ryan, and the doctor who treated her.

The first time she’d woken up, she’d been confused, but after her head was clear of the haziness, she told Jian of her last conversation with Benjamin, whe
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