The jingles of the bells signified the beginning of the church service in the local district. It was a beautiful Sunday, the perfect day to get cosy in bed with Nate while Maria prepared something delicious for breakfast.

Ruby groaned as she held onto the railing for support. Doris hadn’t warned her about the gravel, wearing four inch heels and trying to walk on gravel was another form of torture.

Things between her and Nate hadn’t been smooth. He had become distant and would return late at night. Not that she blamed him for any of it but she wished she could get his attention.

It was a good thing that he finally found Jake but she was skeptical about it. The story he told her didn’t add up at all.

Knowing a cunning man like Wyatt, he wasn’t going to let Jake go scot free without wanting something in return. She had tried asking Nate what it was a couple of times but when she saw he wasn’t willing to talk, she decided to give him a little time and hoped he would finally speak t
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