Few weeks, that’s all she needed. Few weeks to enjoy Nate’s company and bask in his sweet manly scent and settle everything before she leaves. Wasn’t that what she said in the first week?

With Esme leaving her, it kind of reduced the pain she felt. At least, she didn’t have to say goodbye to two people.

“Coffee?” Nate asked as he walked into the room with a pot of coffee and two mugs.

She nodded as she sat up in bed. Nate wasn’t the type to wake up early but he has been doing so for a couple of days. She could tell he was tensed and took the tension out by working out.

“Thank you” she muttered.

She offered him a thin smile as she took the steaming mug of coffee from him.

She never liked her coffee black but somehow it had grown on her because Nate made it regularly.

She watched him drink his coffee in silence. He had eyebags and a stubble but it was still the sexiest thing to her; she imagined his beard stroke her chin when they kissed.

His big hands held on
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