It was alright to say all her world came crashing down literally after her trip to Florida with Nate.

She turned in bed and sighed, what had she gotten herself into?

Just two weeks ago, she was basking in the Florida sun, tanning and spending her nights in Nate’s arms.

Where did it all go wrong?

After she came back from Florida, Nate got extra busy. Ruby wasn’t sure what it was all about and she had tried to have conversations with him on different occasions.

On time, he had come back from work late in his usual manner and she tried to talk to him but he brushed her off, saying he was really tired and had a hectic day at work.

She groaned as she turned in bed again, what if he was tired of her and willing to let her go? Everything was going alright now and she could move to California as she had planned. Anderson had gone MIA as his father had taken his post as the CEO of his company. Esme was now in safe hands and Doris was still in hiding but she was positive she was safe
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