Chapter 15

" let go off me" Darcie scream angrily as she push Keith making him fall, Keith was surprised to see the new expression on her face 


Keith bodyguards heard someone scream and they quickly rush to the scene, they saw Darcie with a stone in her hand trying to hit it on keith's head, they ran to her and try to collect the stone from her but she push them off 


Keith was feeling tensed and timorous as Darcie was moving close to him with the stone,

  "Darcie plss don't be like this, this is not whom you're" he pleaded but Darcie ignore him as she glare at him, an idea cross his mind and he ask one of his bodyguards to play a song which he did and immediately Darcie heard the song, she scream out loudly and was about to fall but Keith quickly get hold of her 

"Oh gosh is she a demon or what?? One of the guards asked 

Keith glance at his guards 

"You can't even protect me from a maid, so how am I sure you
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