You’re not alone

Chapter 49

Mom next time please, I’ll make it up to you guys I promise , I have something important to attend to” he said wearing a worried look and with that he ran out of the house and hopped into the car and drove out of the compound at speed.


The car screeched to a halt in the compound and Daniel rushed inside the house and met ma’am Lois trying to calm Lisa down as she was holding a knife in her hands, wanting to kill herself.

“Lisa” Daniel called as he walked in and Lisa turned to him with tears in her eyes.

“Stay away from me” she yelled and Daniel moved back a bit.

“Lisa dropped the knife. You need to calm down “ Daniel said and Lisa nodded negatively

“What’s the essence of living this life? I have no one, no hope and absolutely nothing. And now I’m pregnant with a monster’s child.” Lisa cried

“No Lisa, that's where you get it wrong. You have me, you have ma’am Lois. We will stand by you, please don’t harm the baby and yourself “ Daniel said moving towards her b
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