Chapter 131


I spent all day Saturday studying with Lexi, Norm, and Jessie. We made a lot of progress. I was also able to finish one of the two final projects I had due. I planned to finished the other on Sunday. I was pretty confident that I would get it done. Lexi, Norm, Jessie, and I planned to spend Sunday with our mates since none of us would really have time for 2 weeks after.

Rowen, and I spent most of Sunday in my room. Some of it was spent doing our own work. Some of it was him teaching me about his stamina. I didn’t know where he got the energy. By the time 8:30 rolled around Sunday night I could barely keep my eyes open. I did fall asleep wishing he would decide to stay for at least the week. I loved having him with me. I didn’t voice that though. If he was going to stay, it had to be his choice, not mine.

We both grumbled when my alarm went off early the next morning. I drug myself out of bed to shower, and dress. I was a little surprised Rowen didn’t
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Beatriz Yung
I like it that Chastity is feeling comfortable with Rowen. She is enjoying his company a lot. She is also looking forward to her driving lessons. She is making a lot of progress. I love this story!
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Petagay Thompson
I'm glad he decided to stay and I can see the bond is getting stronger between them.She should kick Zeke to the curb he's bad news.

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