chapter 22: The explicit foreplay

don't do that yet Lucas' Artemis said and Lucas sigh. Ariel is tempting her and it won't be long before he Mark's her.

Ignoring Artemis warning, Lucas hug Ariel from behind and Ariel became tense when she felt the strong hands wrapped around her waist. She close her eyes to calm herself down as she felt the heat coming out from Lucas body. Lucas place his head on her shoulder and Ariel flinch which gave Lucas the satisfaction that he has effect on her. He kissed her nape and Ariel felt her leg going numb. Somehow she feel safe and calm in his embrace. Lucas plant kisses from her nape down to her shoulder and a gasp escape Ariel's lips. It's been long she felt that way and part of her body want more of it while another part of her body is against it. Nevertheless, she didn't listen to any of them as she follow the lead of her blank mind.

" Lucas stop!" Artemis yell in Lucas's head but Lucas is not hearing any of it as Ariel scent mixed with her arousal filled his nose. His Co*ck became
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