Chapter Thirty

We had ten patients in the clinic the next day, as well as new future appointments to make up lost appointments. Mr. Abrams was coming in. So was the preacher and his wife. The next day we almost had a full schedule. By the end of the week, we were just a few appointments shy of a regular day.

Things were slowly getting back to normal.

Still, I secretly hoped that Abigail St. James would continue to see the doctor in the next town over, even if I was fired. The further that woman was from me, even in my head, the better. It was petty, but I didn't care.

Friday came with the news that Dr. Taggert was on his way home from the hospital. He was still weak and recovering from surgery, but healing faster than expected. He was banned from working at the clinic until he was one-hundred percent, but I had a feeling that he'd somehow sneak in to see patients by the end of next week.

As for me, I kept busy. With our schedule back to having patients, I found myself worrying less about losing my j
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Melissa Wilson
I wonder if he's gonna propose? If would be great, especially if he did it at Katie's bakery! The town would really have something to talk about.

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