Bad girl cravings

Chapter seventeen

Eleanor's Pov

"Turn around.” Alpha Jett's voice was low, authoritative, and sexy as hell. How could he infuse so much promise into those two words? Willingly I complied and his hands moved to my hair. Gently he pulled out each hairpin one at a time, his expert fingers making short work of the task. My hair fell in swathes over my shoulders, one lock at a time, covering my back and down to my breasts. I tried to stand still and not squirm, but I was aching for his touch. After our long, tiring but exciting day, I wanted him—all of him. More than he could ever be willing to give to a punny wolf with extensive sexual cravings. Oh, no… wife! I wasn't merely a punny wolf anymore. I was now married to my mated Alpha!

“You have such beautiful hair, El. You are beautiful. Your curves are amazing. The dips are perfect and I appreciate that you are fat in all the right places.”Jett mumbled. His mouth is close to my ear and I felt his breath, though his lips didn’t touch my s
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