The Wait

"I don't trust that old man one bit," Calix said immediately they took cover behind an old acacia tree which had existed before any of them was born.

"Me neither." Jamal nodded in support and Calix patted him on the shoulder, happy to have someone else who thought the same way as he. He had now pulled his domino mask off and around his eyes were marks indicating where the masks had previously been.

"He's so creepy. I don't think we should trust him," he said again, his gaze now fixated on both Aiden and Andrew who had been quiet since.

"But I think we should," Andrew said at last and Calix frowned. "He has a better plan. I think we should go with him." He continued even when both Calix and Jamal had their eyes narrowed at him.

"How can you say that? What if he has only said all that he had said to keep us trapped? He might be heading for the Alpha's room to sell us off. We need to leave now. We have wasted enough time already." Jamal explained but Andrew shook his head still.

"He cou
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