The Hidden Truth?

*Blood Moon pack*

Aiden watched Alpha Velvet leave and his heart squeezed in pain as he stared at her retreating figure. He knew he had hurt her. He had seen her eyes shimmer with tears for a second before she blinked.

Perhaps, he shouldn't have spoken that harshly to her but he had just been frustrated by her behaviour. He had tried all he could to show her that she was the one he desired, the one his heart yearned for and not Adelia, but it was obvious she didn't believe him.

If she did, she would have no reason to disapprove of his talking with Adelia alone. Couldn't she trust him just a little bit?

He was already upset about his friends and now, he had to deal with Alpha Velvet's jealousy too. Aiden was exhausted; he wanted nothing but to be alone, all by himself.

"Shall we?" Adelia's voice brought him out of his reverie and he finally tore his eyes from the door he had been looking at.

"Yes." He replied, glancing at Kunata who had been very quiet, just standing by the side lik
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