24: The Pandemonium

While Agenor took care of form and document, Maira and Creed were fidgeting with their own rucksacks next to each other. The thing about archers is that their equipment needs more attention and preparation than anyone else in the team.

Their gears are consumables so they had to keep a check on how much they can carry on a single mission. Maira knew that Creed had packed a huge set of arrows inside his rucksack, but when she peeked at his bag, it was thrice as big as her own.

"Just out of many arrows did you bring?" She asked,

"216" Creed replied, "Why? Running low on supplies? I can spare some if you need?"

"Nah! I'm good… but you know bringing so many would slow you down! I understand that you like to plan things beforehand but this is just too much…"

"I hope you're right…" Creed's fingers trembled slightly, "coz for some I feel that even this much won't be enough."

Maira asked, "What about soul armas? How many arrow-type soul armas do you have?"

"One!" Creed replied
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