118- Beatrice


"Help!" There was a blood-curdling sound in the dense forest, "Someone please help us. For Goddess's sake!"

I was horrified to realize that it was my voice, but that didn't stop me and I kept running at full throttle.

There was no time to stop.

I made certain that my backpack was still there. When I was sure that it was safe, I increased my speed.

I was the luna of a pack that did not exist anymore. My life was in danger.

Romeo and I had been running ever since our pack was attacked by Pink Pack.

Every time we thought of getting settled somewhere and every time we had to leave the place due to rogue attacks.

By now our bodies had started emitting rogue scent and it was getting harder day by day to keep ourselves safe.

We didn't have any idea that we had set foot in the wrong territory.

That was the reason some warriors had started following us.

This was not a casual cat and mouse chase.

It was a little more brutal. Like they would rip us apart as soon as their hands would find
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