********************************REBEL ALLIANCE HEADQUARTERS*********************************

The staircase descent was swift, with occasional misplacement of feet causing some staggers, but they managed to reach the throne hall unscathed. Alvatrone stood near the capacious banquet table. He paced from left to right, flaunting his purple cape. In his right hand, he juggled a bishop figurine.

"Long time no see commander!"

" My king." Alvatrone grabbed his cloak and whipped it under his armpit and over his right forearm. He gave slid into a graceful bow, almost kissing his knee.

"Come on Al, I've told you thousands of times that isn't necessary."

" Apologies my king."

Drom walked over and protruded his arm, ready for a firm handshake. Alvatrone slowly pulled out his right hand, and the poorly wrapped bandage unwound itself. It dangled under his wrist and started swaying tardily, showcasing the bloodstains and dried up blood on his wrist. Drom noticed his gory hand, " Whoa, should I be co
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