Some soldiers had the faces looking at the wooden floor. Some walked out of the shack once they realized she was conscious again. She wondered what the reason could be. The semblance of emotional control the soldiers were charading quickly decayed, their faces turned pale and they were reviled at the sight of her.

“What is happening?” she asked her fellow State Guards around her. Salron swallowed bitterly and looked away, as if he was ashamed to ask the question he intended to ask.

“The soldiers… they want to know the whereabouts of the cavalry that accompanied you to…”

One soldier emerged from amongst the crowd and pushed his way through towards Alicia. He stopped behind the State Guards and spoke with a discontinuous voice.

“My brother, he was a lancer! He accompanied you when you headed out for the search and he has not come back with you! Tell us what happened to him, what happened to the others!” he asked, the rest of the soldiers’ eyes looked at Alicia, desperately waiting for h
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