Daito hesitated once more, it was as if his body was lagging.

“Did you no just hear me I said go in there and execute everybody!”

After a second or two he finally achieved movement. It seemed a part of him was fighting off Alvatrone’s orders. He was resisting the emblem from within. Daito picked up his robe and gave Alvatrone a suspicious look before he descended the hill once more. The administrative Head began formulating doubtful thoughts in his mind, whether his spell was still effective or was he breaking it.


The trespasser came to the next day and the State Guards were allowed to enter the room where he lay.

“Wait a minute! I do remember this guy! It was that Albert guy, the one that helped the commander capture Slejj!”

“Of course! I knew that face looked familiar!”

Albert got up from his bed and aggressively reached for a cup of water resting on his bedside. He flushed down the water with his trembling hand.

“What happened to your hand?”

Albert was still disorie
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