SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

"What is going on?" Zach asked the moment he answered the call..

", We've a problem boss."

Zach was already having a bad feeling about this..

"What's going on?" Zach asked casually but what he heard next made him groan..

"Looks like some unknown men got to her apartment for us." The man on the other side spoke while scratching the back of his head because he knows he's screwed..

Zach has quite a temper and won't hesitate to kill them all if they were mistakes..

"F*ck!" He stood up immediately and rushed towards the door..

"Stop them!" Zach rushed towards the elevator..

Skylar is in danger..

Skylar on the other hand was lazing around since it was her day off when the lights went out..

She hated the dark and couldn't understand why the power suddenly went out..

She tried searching for her phone but couldn't find it and this made her uneasy..

She finally found her phone and quickly turned on the flashlight when a knock knock landed on her door
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