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SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

"You either open the door or I'm gonna force my way in!" His voice was filled with warning and was dangerously calm..

Left with no option she walked outta her room and slowly she undid the Lock and the door was suddenly pulled open by him...

She didn't spare him a glance as she tried to walk back to her room but he suddenly grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her backwards..

"What's this all about?" Zach asked with a frown but she suddenly wiggled her hands free from him...

Zach could see the hurt in her eyes as she stared at him..

He could see the grievance in her eyes as she glared at him..

"What is this all about? You're seriously asking me what this is all about?" She scoffed and blinked rapidly to prevent the tears from falling..

"Yes I'm asking because I'm confused right now. I don't understand why you're suddenly acting up, I thought we were cool?" He was equally frustrated and said things he shouldn't have said..
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