A man with an eye-catching and a pair of sneaky blue orbs paused when his leg accidentally hit a huge rock he hadn't seen on the ground which made him murmur a low curse.

He looked around where he was and gave a deep scoff. He'd assure and let that bastard know he wasn't someone to toy with.

With that, he moved on, obviously trying to pick a scent at every single step he takes, he halted on his tracks then plucked a leaf from a tree and suddenly, his blue eyes lightened up in glee.

He brought the leaf down from his nose and squeezed it tightly in his palms, his blue eyes were looking terrifying and glaring inside the almost dark forest where several tall trees lined up and littered around, the huge branches had successfully blocked light and rays from entering into the forest even though it was daytime.

Pedro suddenly faced an opposite direction and started to walk towards it, that pathway seemed never ending but he never minded, he had a damn mission over there, he had something real
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