Chapter 40 Serry Visits The House Of The Future In-Laws

A week later, nothing bad happened. Addy and Serry's lives went on normally as usual. Regarding the encounter with the purple-eyed wolf last time, Addy and Serry prefer to forget about the meeting. Addy was also silent and that nothing happened.

The roaring sound of the bicycle engine stopped in front of a small house with a courtyard full of flowers. Serry smiled happily as soon as she saw the Alpha's house.

“We've gotten to my house,” Addy said as he took off his helmet. He also took off the helmet worn by Serry.

“Your house looks comfortable. Many flowers live there.” Serry smiled sweetly while pointing to the flowerpots neatly lined up in the yard.

“My mother likes flowers very much. She is also diligent in planting flowers and caring for them until they grow lush,” he explained to Serry.

Addy stood beside his Omega and then hugged the slender body from the side. He smiled as Serry was amazed by his yard. Addy's house is small, typical of housing for ordinary werewolves. Although
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