Chapter 31

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I lean my back on my seat and look in front of me. It was mid-afternoon and the jam is horrible. I'll be lucky to reach Elle's flat just before quarter to 3. I massage my forehead and sigh, not believing the misfortune that has dawned.

Victoria Lint, the only heir to the Lint industry, was driven crazy of our separation three years ago. She was my best friend, a brilliant lady who loves to play with people's feeling and bully them. Victoria was my ally and I am afraid, I became bad because of her influence. Though my father did not approve her; he disliked her for she was spoiled and refuse to listen to her parents. She was a devil but I have fallen for her, or was it just an infatuation? A playground love story? I haven't realised that Victoria can be worse than she was before.

When my father decided that I should marry Elle, Victoria has resulted in self - harm. She used drugs and abused herself, going to bars and overdosing. By the time she was to
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