Chapter 33

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I'm sitting at the table, the minutes passed by as though it seems to drag on forever. Jacob was sleeping peacefully in his cot, unbothered by the anxiety I am feeling now. I wipe my hands as they become sweaty and cold, stretching my arms and leaning across the table. He's been away for almost an hour now, he was supposed to be here and if something did happen, I'm sure he would've called. I wait a little longer, before standing up from my seat, looking down the driveway but his car isn't there. I don't know what to presume. I called for Neola and she said that she hasn't seen him.

Why? Did something wrong happen to him?

I went back to the table and stared back at the baby monitor connected to Jacob's cot. I lean down, and listened; there was a rustle, and a whimper, then he gurgled, making me smile. Jacob's little noises distracted me from what is happening but I am afraid it isn't enough. The waiting is twisting my insides, driving me insane.

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