He wants all by all means



By: baby favour

Chapter 09


Eriteria POV

We finally get where to settle down after all.

I got down trailing behind the two of them.

"Pretty, Are you tired?" Anthony asked, walking back to me.

"Me? No I'm okay" I replied.

He holds my hand while I just leave him to his thing.

We just started the break and everything is already this bad..

"Screw you Alexa" I cursed in my mind.

"Should I get rid of her for you?" Anthony asked beside me.

"What huh? Oh my stop reading my thoughts please" I scoffed.

"Well I'm sorry and not sorry too" He smirked.

We entered the room and he started arranging the wardrobe. I mean him Kelvin.

"Is he your brother too?" I found myself asking.

"He's my Beta," Anthony replied.

"Hummmm" I nodded my head falling on the soft bed.

"Wait are we using same room?" I sprang up immediately.

"Of Course sweetheart," He replied, falling beside me.

"You're joking right?" I asked, looking into his pair of eyes.

"I love the way you are lookin
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