How long can nine full months be? Probably a little too short when you are anticipating to die. But even shorter with a husband who dotes on you like Austin does.

Austin received the congrats half heartedly, and brought in some of thbest healers across different packs to wait on me. Sometimes, I felt a little too protected, but I knew he just wanted to keep me safe.

Everyday as I watched my pregnancy grow bigger, I felt the fear surge higher. How would things be for them after I die? Would Austin be able to look past my sacrifice and love the children because they belong to him? It sometimes made me wonder, but I also, learned to push it behind me.

Sometimes, I caught him just spaced out a little, and sometimes after I slept, he would hold my hand and end up sleeping on a chair. He didn't seem to mind any of it at all, and didn't show me how worried he was also. For that, I was utterly grateful, more than he knew.

I stood in front of the open door, watching the sunset.
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Ren Spencer
I really hope she survives

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