Billionaire Wife's Revenge
Billionaire Wife's Revenge
Author: Book_Pen

Chapter 1

“This dress would be perfect for my little sister,” Lily smiled, looking at the glittering baby pink dress in her hand. “Ember should be the most beautiful girl in my wedding.”

Lily pursed her lips and slowly opened her sister’s room to surprise her. But instead, her jaw hit the ground to see her sister laying on the bed and breathing heavily with zero clothes on. ‘What is she doing?’ Lily closed her eyes. Her heart raced and brain went through several reasons a girl would be naked in the middle of the day.

After a couple of seconds, she braced herself and slightly opened her eyes.

“Want to have another round?” A man’s voice made Lily shiver. It was Drake’s voice. Drake Denholm is her fiance and would be her husband the next day.

Lily’s eyes widened to hear him. Though she was sure that it was Drake’s voice, she wished and hoped that he wouldn’t do such a thing.

“Sure! What about you?” Ember said in the most romantic and husky voice that Lily had never heard or expected from her little sis.

“Of course, my sexy sister-in-law.”

Lily’s hanging hope collapsed and shuttered into a thousand pieces. Her eyes turned watery, and the beautiful dress wrinkled in between her tightening fist. As she looked through the tears, Drake walked to Ember and slept on her.

Lily had never seen Drake naked, but now she was seeing but with her sister. “You have the most beautiful curves in the world.” Drake whispered as his fingers scrolled over Ember’s body.

“And you are the most handsome and pleasuring man I have ever met.” Ember murmured while rubbing her index finger on Drake’s member. Both laughed and smashed their lips.

Lily’s heart trembled and the sound coming from her wet smooches made her legs weak. ‘What should I do? How can they do this to me? Doesn’t she know that having a good husband, healthy children and a beautiful family was the only thing I ever wanted or wished for?’ Lily always gave her sister the best and treated her like her own daughter, despite her never-ending nasty deeds.

Lily took a deep sniff and pulled out her mobile from her back pocket. She kept the phone in silent mode and started video recording them. At first, her hands were shaking, but after hearing the banging and moaning sounds, her fingers tightened. Her round and wet eyes captured every move in her brain.

“Ember….love you!” Drake breath out, kissed her forehead and fell beside her. As both were gazing at the ceiling with smiling lips and tired eyes, Lily stood up, closed the door, and walked away.

Holding the dress, especially designed for her sister and the video of her betraying sister in the other hand, she walked lifelessly to her room. She had taken the video as evidence, but what can she do with that? Exposing the video will make her little sister look like a slut, which she is.

“Lily!” Her mother knocked on her door.

“Yes, Mom!” She hid her phone and wiped her tears.

“Lily…. what happened dear?” Sophie ran to her daughter. “Why are your eyes in red? Are you fine?” She placed her palm on Lily’s forehead.

“Nothing, mom!” Lily gave a fake smile.

“Don’t worry, dear! Everything will go fine. Drake is a kind, handsome and rich person. You can live your life just as you expected, with no problem.” Her mother patted her head. “Wow! Isn’t it the dress you ordered for your sister? It looks beautiful. But is it necessary to select a grand and expensive dress than yours?”

Lily stretched her lips and gave out an awkward smile.

“Look Lily, I told you many times to give preference to you and your tastes at least a few times.” Her mom warned her for the nth time.

“Sure!” Lily nodded as usual.

“Fine! Take a beauty nap. I will look after the rest of the preparations.”

Lily’s tears burst out as soon as her mom left the room. “How can I only think of me? How can I push my own sister to hell? I can’t!”

The whole night Lily didn’t sleep even for a minute. Her brain was re-playing the intimate scene that she saw in the evening and tears flew through her lifeless eyes continuously. She wanted to do just as her mom always suggested- ‘To give herself some preference,’ but she didn’t want to do that by making her sister look bad.

Lily always lived her life pleasing her family and saw her happiness in their eyes. But what was the end result of all those sacrifices and respectful behaviour – BETRAYAL. Her kindness was taken as her weakness.

“Lily, It’s your wedding day! Wake up!” Sophie knocked on the door. Lily sat at once, cleared her eyes and rushed to the bathroom. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realize that it had been eight hours since she laid on the bed. Looking into the mirror, she saw herself with dark under eyes, swollen eye lids and shallow sockets.

“Shit! It will be fine after washing my face with cold water,” she told her disheartened soul and splashed a handful of water on her eyes. Her eyes were literally burning, and she wanted some rest and sleep, which is quite impossible at that hectic hour. She smiled wide to cheer herself, but that stretched lips and tiny eyes made her look scary like Annabella doll.

As she opened the door, her mom and sister had already made their way in. They were carrying a few jewel boxes and looked shocked to see Lily’s swollen eyes and pale face. “Are you okay?” Her mother asked and Lily had no answer to tell. “I will send you a bowl of ice cubes, make just to dip your face in it, it helps with her eyes and skin.”

“What happened? Shouldn’t you be happy to marry such a sexy, rich and understanding person like Drake Denholm?” Ember paused and gazed at Lily who didn’t bother to answer. “Whatever! I can fix it with my make up. No worry!” She bit her bottom lip and stared at her zoned-out sis. “Ah! Let me know when you are fine and ready to speak” Ember sighed and sat on the bed.

As Ember was taking out the makeup stuff, Lily looked at the unconcerned and unbothered sister. ‘Was it just a one-night stand for her?’ Though the words, ‘one night stand’, ‘hookup’ and ‘casual sex’ aren’t in her dictionary, they were so much existing in her sister’s life. How could she not know about them? It was her, who always covered up Ember in front of her parents while her little sister was sleeping with some unknown person.

Somehow, after the sleepless night, lots of tears and thought, Lily was fine if it was like any other of her sister’s one-night stand. Exposing the video to her parents did feel correct, but how could she push her lovely sister into hell?

After a few minutes, Lily washed herself and stood in front of Ember, who was busy with all the things needed to decorate her sister.

“Good! You came fast. Mom, brought this, just dip your face. The swelling will disappear.” Ember muttered and pointed to a glass bowl filled with cold water and ice cubes.

Lily was a little happy to see her sister having zero concern about her marriage with Drake. But there was still a little hitch up that made her wonder and fear, what will happen if they continue it after marriage too.

“I understand that you are worried about leaving the house. Don’t worry, I will stay with you guys until you get accustomed to the new environment. I have already spoken to Drake, and he has no problem with that.”

The bowl in Lily’s hand dropped and broke after hearing the statement.

Lily could no longer think of her sister’s life and make her own life miserable. ‘I should expose them ….in front of the entire world.’

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you should expose them before you throw yourself in a miserable marriage life
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expose them please!
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