Chapter 12

“He said that I will learn how to manage a house with that course.”

Niklaus and Kai looked at each other. They were confused as to why the wife of a rich household would need to learn about that, when they have tens of servants in the house. “I don’t understand ….” Nik paused, not understanding how to frame the question without hurting her and belittling her father.

“He said that it was the course, which was close to my goal.” Lily continued.


“Mmm....You... as business people may find it weird,” She pursed her lips and the silence from her was like the calmness before a storm. “My goal is to marry and lead a peaceful, happy and healthy life with my husband and children.”

This was even more confusing to the two men. Most girls have that as one of their goals. But should a girl take a course to lead her life as a wife? “Are you happy taking up that course?”

Lily shook her head.

Nik let out a deep huff. The suspense was killing him. “Then why?” There was no answer from her
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Jess Campollo Macadagat
I love the story
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Elsa Mojica Curioso
It's interesting story. So please help me to get much gem to use in reading

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