Chapter 15

“Sorry that I had to disturb you early in the morning,” Drake said, but his eyes seemed to be searching behind Niklaus.

“The office begins in another thirty minutes. We can discuss it over there. Now, I must get ready. I can’t be late to the office.” Nik smoothly escaped. Drake’s face darkened as he wasn’t expecting that answer. Before he could ask one more time, Nikalus smiled, “Thanks for understanding,” and closed the door.

He walked to the bedroom, wondering why Drake Denholm suddenly wanted to meet him. Is it because of Lily or something else?

“Who was that?” Lily enquired after seeing Niklaus lost in thought.

“Your Ex-fiancé.”

“Drake,” Lily shouted. “Why is he here? Didn’t you say that you don’t have common business with that family? Is he still there?” Her heart was pounding, and lips trembled in fear.

“That’s true and he is not here. Calm down. I told him to meet in the office.” Nik said as he examined the tense face and frightened expression on Lily’s face. “What are yo
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