Chapter Eighty-Five - Peekaboo

One Year Later

He had been looking forward to this moment for a while, this private time alone with his new family. Drago had sent word via various couriers who had since gone on to do other, possibly more worthy, things.

If he had a sense of shame it was in having left them, after all, to pursue his long held dreams. Had it been worth the possible cost? Did she have another in her bed?

The evidence was there in front of his eyes. He could scarcely take it in.

This lad was very young and without beard. That would come in time.

He watched, fascinated, as they rolled together and she tickled his sides making him laugh. It was an infectious sound, soon echoed by the other person present: a girl.

Xander knew the imposter had once stood here watching him and Eithne. This act was far different but maybe no less unworthy. He should have announced his presence straight away.

Having heard she was back in her old bedchamber he had been curious as to the reason why. Well, now he knew.

She was we
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