Chapter Eighty-Four - A Royal Wedding

On the day itself, Eithne was sick several times. If only she could hide behind a veil. But there was nothing else for it, however pasty she looked, this was the happiest day in her young life.

She hadn’t anticipated she would be staying in Ormond when she wed and, mere months ago, it had seemed as if this day would never come. Slavery had taught her that some people had cruel natures and some did not. Eithne was only grateful it had been Xander who turned up that day, otherwise Clara might well have made the rest of her short life a living hell.

Lysette had been found eventually by a dogged Hengest and was now detained at King Ephron’s pleasure. His sister sighed. She hoped he would become immune to her obvious charms and not be tempted to release her from the dungeon anytime soon.

He kept saying no harm had been done, but it might well have been.

There had been no compromise and she was suffering the kind of endless ceremony she had dreaded. Illness was one way of gaining respite, a
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