3. Meet the family.

Three days it has been, three days without Regina and her possy bothering me. What had happened after that day inside the cafeteria was a mystery to me because I have no idea.

I've been receiving glares from the cheerleaders, football team, rich students hell even the nerds kept glaring dagger's at me! But no one had bothered to say anything to me which I'm super glad for.

But there was still that nagging feeling within causing me to be a bit anxious and on guard if Regina ever decided to carry out one of her revenge plots which I knew she has coming and something big was coming my way.

Strangely enough I would also see one of Kristrin's gang following me around but I'd brushed it off thinking it was nothing.

"Anna momma needs you down stairs now!" I heard my baby brother Antonio who is two yell at me then ran off down the stairs.

"Come here you ant boy!" I yelled playfully running after him.

"I'm not an ant!"  He giggled running away even harder into the direction of the kitchen.

My mom Anna stood in the kitchen stirring the pot as Antonio tried his best to climb upon the stool.

Her medium height and brunette hair caught within a ponytail upon her head as she swayed her hips listening to some 19s music.

"What's up mom" I asked once I've reached inside the kitchen where she took my baby brother from in my arms.

"We'll be going on to one of your father's Galla this Saturday night" she spoke up.

"Okayy" I trailed off ignoring the true meaning behind her words.

I hated those ball's there would be nothing but rich and boring old people talking about business which was not my forte.

"Vicky will be here to stay with Antonio and this event is one of your father's most prestigious business event they'll want to meet the heir to your father's corporation and there future business partner " she explained to me.

My father John Walker is the CEO to one of the most prestige hospitals in New York City called 'Horizon' which would make him have business allies from across the world.

While my mom was a doctor there and no she did not get the position because of my dad being the CEO but because she had a master's degree in doctorial studies or whatever you call it.

My father has begged her countless of times to join him so they could manage the company together but my mom had a profound love for saving lives.

They've been married for ten years but acted as if they were still teenagers.

Ugh I hated socializing it was never one of my virtue unlike my parents.

"Fine I'll go but just this once" I groaned earning a clap from Antonio as he had no idea of what mom spoke about.

"Oh and your cousin Maria will be living here for a while until her parents are settled again. They've gone on a year long travel across the globe"

Aunt Talia and Uncle Jimmy always loved traveling around the world and visiting knew countries they only had one child which was Maria.

"She's coming this Sunday to start school the following Monday" she smiled sweetly.

At this I perked up Maria was dad's brother's child she'd visit us in the summer she's the only one apart from Steff that knows all my secrets. We're like best friends instead of cousins as I'd like to say. I smiled brightly at the thought of having a girl for once to talk to.

"So how's your senior year of high school going so far sweety?" mom had to ask.

"It's going great" I lied I didn't want anyone knowing my problems I'm a big girl now and big girls took care of there own problems I memorized.

The front door flew opened revealing a very tiring dad he was quite tall and lean, blonde hair with hazel eyes which was where I got most of my genetics from.

We lived in a two story house a very beautiful one might I add but if it was up to us we would have bought a small three bedroom house but my family was quite big one and when they came to visit we would have had nowhere to accommodate them.

"My princess" dad said giving me a tight hug and a kiss on Antonio's cheek.

"And my beautiful queen" he said kissing my mother passionately on the lips.

"Hey there's kids in here!" I yelled playfully.

"Its not my fault you don't have a boyfriend" Mom replied making me blush.

"Anna you know the rules no boys until your twenty two" dad replied.

"Do you remember us been together when we were sixteen?" mom asked.

"That's different and I remember us doing naughty things back then that's why I don't want her near any boys until she's old enough do I make myself clear hun?"

"Yes dad" I muttered helping Mom set the table.

Pshh please.









It was now seven thirty a.m. Time to get up and get ready for school I groaned internally fighting my inner battle to just sleep the day away.

I hurriedly took a bath slip on a tight blue denim geans with a crop top and a grey jacket with my black and white addidas sneakers flipping on my blue colored glasses.

The grey jacket covered most of my body plus untidy blonde hair.

Mom and dad would have already left for work at the time of eight o clock. Vicky the maid would have prepared Antonio for school and made us breakfast.

"Come on Antonio you don't wanna be late for school" I rushed getting into my Rav 4 after hurriedly eating breakfast and brushing our teeth.

"I'm here!" he yelled climbing into the car seat as I buckled him up.

"What's that?" I asked looking at the piece of paper within his hand.

"N-nothing" he quickly stuttered hiding the paper and blushing.

Hmm that's odd I'll pry into it later.

Finally dropping Antonio at his school and arriving to my hell hole I lazily walked inside the building and hed to my locker.

"Hey" Steff asked looking distraught at the area where the school's bad boys leaned against the lockers swarmed by girls.

I stood still getting a good glimpse of Kristrin. Soaking in all his glory he had on a white leather jacket, a white tee shirt with some dark washed out jeans, a pair of black studs and his hair disheveled from running his hands through it he was looking like the fallen angel he was.

God damn gorgeous!

But it was all short lived when one of the twins caught me gawking at him and smirked turning to whisper to Kristrin.

I quickly turned away unable to meet the eyes of the boy I've had a crush on since I first laid eyes on him but hadn't succumbed myself to admit it.

"H-hi Steff" I stuttered out remembering that Steff was with me, he groaned and I smirked.

"Someone's in a bad mood today" I taunted trying to stay calm as I felt holes been driven at the back of my head by no other than Kristrin and his mates.

I can't have Steff in a bad mood I myself needed someone to cheer me up and he was always my funny bunny.

"Don't even ask" he said the moment I was about to ask.

"Guess what I have a surprise for you" I spoke and his face brightened he'd always loved surprises.

"Oh my God an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean!" he yelled making me scowl at him.

"Of course not" I said running a hand through his neatly done hair.

"You remember Maria?" I asked walking towards my first period.

"Of course the light of my world and my future wife" he spoke dreamily.

And then I told him everything he was now beaming I was happy I was able to make my best friend smile again.

“I can't wait to see her again!” he yelled happily.

But I was too excited for the entrance of my best friend and depicting a great senior year that I didn't see the great chaos that was yet to come.

If only I could go back in time to the exact moment when my mom had just broken the news of her arrival.

Then I'd be able to save myself and everyone from the terror.

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Okay I am confused, it said her parents have been married for ten years, but yet they where together at age of sixteen ...

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