The bad boy craves me

The bad boy craves me

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Language: English
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"Do I seem like an idiot to you princess?" he sassed taking another agonizingly slow step towards me. "N-no." I stuttered out a blabbering mess, unable to think straight with his sudden closeness. "Do I have to show who you belong to again Bella?" "I-don't know." I whispered out too far gone within the eyes of the silver eyed God like boy standing before me. "Then why do you defy me princess, or is it that you want me to punish you?" I was trapped within his beautiful orbs unable to register the utter madness he just voiced, the word fell off my lips almost breathless begging for him to take me. "Yes" His lips curved to the side showing his God forbidden mischievous smirk of his. I had just now registered the consequences of my stupidity.

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Zoe Mccabe
Fantastic read
2024-03-12 07:19:32
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Auro Y Alex Rubio
Great story! I loved it. Read it twice.
2024-03-01 10:29:14
default avatar
Great story!!! Read the whole book in one day!!!
2023-12-05 02:24:43
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Contella Allen
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ...️...️...️...️
2022-09-09 14:41:41
default avatar
Love it!!!!!!!!!
2022-08-18 00:43:07
user avatar
Ruth Jolly
Love this book!
2022-08-17 23:55:49
user avatar
Cute story. There were some grammatical errors, but not enough to take away from the story. Nice plot twist.
2022-07-12 04:14:44
default avatar
Vava Enegue
I loved the story, however the constant grammatical errors were ridiculous. They, their, and there. You, your and you’re. Where, we’re, were, Were consistently misused which was very annoying. Please proof read in the future. Overall it was a great read.
2023-11-10 10:15:07
default avatar
I really loved this book great plot twist 🫣...️...fantastic read and cute ending
2022-08-08 10:15:41
52 Chapters
1. Unexpected.
My senior year of high school has finally arrived. I'll be on my way to college and out of this hell hole in a few months.I've come a far way at Williams field high school without much recognition what so ever. I like to class myself as a very smart girl when it comes to my studies but I prefer to cover it up.I desperately try my best not to get much attention because at my school you'll have to be a tough cookie to survive.I was of medium height with long blonde hair, smooth tan skin, and bright hazel eyes mostly hidden under my sweatshirts and big nerdy eyeglasses to hide the attention I get mostly at my appearance but it was safe to say that any attention I got from a guy would lead to them scurrying off the other day as if I had rabies or something.I always hated the feeling of rejection but told myself it was necessary for the greater good.There were two classes of students who went to this school. It was like a food chain. The ranking system. The good and the bad nothing in
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2. A disheveled Mess.
I was sure that the next thing to come would've been me making the headlines for the most stupidest kid in high school.Instead what I got was a harmony of loud gasps but what strangely caught my attention we're the all so famous grumpy bad boys laughter filling the room.All heads snapped in there direction to look at the most popular guys in school anyone would've paid a million bucks just to see these guys smile much less to laugh.Even the teacher stood amazed at the sight his eyes bulging out of his head.A small smile etched upon my face as I gaze upon the so called bad boys Kristrin Slovac, Kyle Bower and the twins.Kristrin the leader as everyone calls him dressed in a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and a black denim jeans, his thick black hair styled to perfection, thick muscles prominent within his clothing and a perfectly chiseled face made him look definitely like a hot bad boy or playboy for that matter.While his best friend Kyle had a dark skin tone, very tall with
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3. Meet the family.
Three days it has been, three days without Regina and her possy bothering me. What had happened after that day inside the cafeteria was a mystery to me because I have no idea.I've been receiving glares from the cheerleaders, football team, rich students hell even the nerds kept glaring dagger's at me! But no one had bothered to say anything to me which I'm super glad for.But there was still that nagging feeling within causing me to be a bit anxious and on guard if Regina ever decided to carry out one of her revenge plots which I knew she has coming and something big was coming my way.Strangely enough I would also see one of Kristrin's gang following me around but I'd brushed it off thinking it was nothing."Anna momma needs you down stairs now!" I heard my baby brother Antonio who is two yell at me then ran off down the stairs."Come here you ant boy!" I yelled playfully running after him."I'm not an ant!" He giggled running away even harder into the direction of the kitchen.My
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4. What the hell just happened.
I was a like nervous kitten as today my dad would introduce me to his business associates some of the most richest in the world would be there and that by itself was intimidating and nerve wrecking.Knowing that all the attention would be on me wasn't quite going well with the tingly feeling I was getting at the pit of my stomach.I've always managed to stay away from dad's business events but unfortunately tonight was an exception.I took a second glance at the mirror. My then lengthy straight blonde hair curled to the side, my baby pink dress tightly fitted from the top to the waist and frilled to the bottom above my knees my six inch nude stilettos fitted perfectly. I did a light makeup with some mascara and added my nude lipstick for my last touch up I was now on fleek.I smiled at that, innocent with a little seduction.I then headed down stairs to meet my parents so I could get the day over with. The only reason I wasn't freaking out was because Steff would be there to my relief
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5. Everyone's a ditch.
“Maria!” I yelled super excited once I saw my best friend inside the airport her eyes darting around in search for us.“I’ve missed you so much!” she yelled equally ecstatic yanking me into a bone crushing hug. Her curly brownish black hair flopping up and down with her hazel eyes shining brightly.“We have so much to catch up on” I told her as we made our way to my parents.“Hello Mr and Mrs Walker” she spoke giving them a shy wave as they greeted each other.We carried on until we had reached home ate dinner and was now chit chatting like there was no tomorrow spilling every single details about each other. Well except the part I didn't want to tell her about Kristrin and I which I thought was no big deal getting her all worked up over nothing.I sat there giving her one on one tips about surviving at Williams field high from the ranking system to the part of not getting stumped on.“I think someone's a little ecstatic to see you tomorrow” I smiled with a little wink.“Who would tha
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6. Desired Dreams.
“What the hell is that psychotic bitch spewing about?” I asked Maria breaking the silence that crowded between the three of us.“W..well you see” she stuttered looking everywhere but at us.“Stop stuttering!” I yelled completely aggravated, “You ditched us so you could eat lunch with Regina isn't it?” I asked the most obvious question I knew the answer to.Meanwhile Steff stood completely calm and relaxed as if none of this bothered him the least. But I could tell by his stance that he was definitely not ok with what he had just heard.“I was about to see you guys for lunch when I heard someone calling my name and the next thing I know was that Regina and her possy we're pulling me along to lunch” “I’m sorry I never intended to ditch you guys I wanted to text or call so badly but she would always snatch my phone” she finished off looking a bit sad.“And what about the party this Saturday which is suppose to be your welcoming party?” I questioned because there's no way in hell she was
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7. Unfriendly Queen Bee's.
The screeching sound of a whistle made us know our P.E teacher had arrived."Come on you lazy gals ten laps around the field!" "But Mrs-""Make it fifteen!" I glared dagger's at the stupid bitch Regina she knew exactly what she was doing. The guys stood across from us at the other end of the playfield flexing there most prized possession as the girls swooned at them.She wanted to do more laps so she could get a better view of the guys while showing her big boobs and tightly fitted skirt.Everyone knew not to get on Mrs. Crocker's bad side and she did just that.Meanwhile I wanted to stab anything in my path because I was pissed!Why?Turns out the moment I shared with Kristrin the night before was only a dream. That hot chocolate shake was even haunting me in my sleep! Why couldn't have the kiss be real? I'd have to say that was one of the best dreams any girl could have at this point in there lives.I took another glance at where the boys stood and caught the sight of Kristrin pl
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8. Frustratingly Confused.
I sat in Kristrin's car gazing out the window as I awkwardly chewed on my bottom lip not liking the tension the plagued between us it was like the calm before the storm.The thought of being a naughty girl to be punished by Kristrin never occurred to me. Anxiety now taking over as I felt repulsed at what he might do to me.“Could you relax I wasn't planning on taking you to my home” Kristrin spoke rolling his eyes at me. I sighed inhaling deeply, grasping enough air that had been restricted from my lungs for far too long.But if he wasn't taking me to his place then where was he taking me? I was completely tense once more. Oh god I bet he was gonna get revenge on me for hurting his stupid girlfriend!Scenarios of him throwing me off a cliff or throwing me into a lake kept replaying within my head.I narrowed my eyes slightly turning towards his direction his strong muscular arm clung to the steering wheel so easily as his black wrist watch clung to it, a black long sleeved buttoned up
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9. Change of events.
"Now Anna I know this is the first you've been in trouble since....Well since kindergarten and hopefully the last but what I'm trying to say is don't loose focus of what your purpose in life is, the fact that you were in a fight over something this petty is ridiculous" My dad gave me the full on talk."I Know dad I know and it will never happen again" "I know it won't and because you've done.... fairly enough in school I've spoken to the principal and he decided not to punish the both of you" My dad had received a call shortly after the fight had happened and he immediately went to resolve the matter. My mom and dad came home soon after that to make sure I was ok.They'd given me the rest of the day to be stress free but I knew what was to come because it was now eight the next morning and they were already drilling me about etiquettes."Were going off to work, we'll drop Antonio and Maria at school and ask Steff to drop them off later, rest for the day cause your going back to scho
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10. That gorgeous fool.
His stony face gave nothing away as it was now void of all emotions which was previously apparent before, it was completely hard to tell that the boy before me had just pulled a prank.We stood there staring at each other silently as onlookers passed by us giving weirded glances.If what he said was true although I doubted it, this is gonna be trouble this would change everything that I was telling myself not to do. If this was true and he did like me, me of all the most beautiful girls and woman that swooned after him it definitely meant trouble.It was then I took notice of the sour look he had now sporting on his gorgeously handsome face which then soon after turned into one of anger catching me completely off guard at his sudden change in demeanor.“Are you just gonna stand there as if I said nothing to you?” he spoke glaring at me.“W..well what do you expect me to say?” I questioned more to myself than him.“Fine be a bitch about it for all I fucking care!” he angrily gritted th
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