51. Couples night.

"I can't wait for our little vacation together. I have so much things I plan to do to you." I blushed hearing Kristrin's provocative words.

"Don't forget my parents will be there with us Kristrin." I shyly voiced while trying to hide my blush.

"I'm sure we'll have plenty more fun that way, sneaking around and trying not to get caught." I fiddled with my fingers knowing all the dirty little things he wanted to do to me.

"It's not like were far away from doing all those things you daringly speak." I recalled all our cuddling nights together being a little intense.

I withered in my seat while feeling heat pool towards my now shuddering skin. Kristrin's hand that rested on my leg wasn't making my situation any better yet I still felt the desire to only be in his company.

We were on our way to a dinner Kristrin had planned for the both of us. It was a surprise actually, I had only found out about everything tonight.

He had also managed to present a beautiful off the shoulder silk red dress
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