8. Frustratingly Confused.

I sat in Kristrin's car gazing out the window as I awkwardly chewed on my bottom lip not liking the tension the plagued between us it was like the calm before the storm.

The thought of being a naughty girl to be punished by Kristrin never occurred to me. Anxiety now taking over as I felt repulsed at what he might do to me.

“Could you relax I wasn't planning on taking you to my home” Kristrin spoke rolling his eyes at me. I sighed inhaling deeply, grasping enough air that had been restricted from my lungs for far too long.

But if he wasn't taking me to his place then where was he taking me? I was completely tense once more. Oh god I bet he was gonna get revenge on me for hurting his stupid girlfriend!

Scenarios of him throwing me off a cliff or throwing me into a lake kept replaying within my head.

I narrowed my eyes slightly turning towards his direction his strong muscular arm clung to the steering wheel so easily as his black wrist watch clung to it, a black long sleeved buttoned up
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