10. That gorgeous fool.

His stony face gave nothing away as it was now void of all emotions which was previously apparent before, it was completely hard to tell that the boy before me had just pulled a prank.

We stood there staring at each other silently as onlookers passed by us giving weirded glances.

If what he said was true although I doubted it, this is gonna be trouble this would change everything that I was telling myself not to do. If this was true and he did like me, me of all the most beautiful girls and woman that swooned after him it definitely meant trouble.

It was then I took notice of the sour look he had now sporting on his gorgeously handsome face which then soon after turned into one of anger catching me completely off guard at his sudden change in demeanor.

“Are you just gonna stand there as if I said nothing to you?” he spoke glaring at me.

“W..well what do you expect me to say?” I questioned more to myself than him.

“Fine be a bitch about it for all I fucking care!” he angrily gritted th
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