12. Players never change.

"Pleaseee?" Maria begged for the hundredth time today as I sighed. A headache was prominent as she said she'd do if I didn't tell her yes.

"Fine I'll go!" I yelled aggravated with her constant pleas.

"Thank you!, thank you!, thank you!" she screamed within my ear as if she'd won a million bucks.

Today was Friday and she had constantly been drilling me about to the stupid football game later today.

"But under one condition" I said bursting her little bubble of joy.


"Steff has to come with us" I told looking at my finger nails that suddenly became the most attractive thing in the world. I could see from the corner of eyes that she was in deep thought.

"Fine he can come too" she spoke silently walking away with a groan.

"Great I'll let him know!" I yelled as I got to my free period that I had.

I and Steff sat in my free period as he decided to ditch class to be with me as he told but I knew I just did it to ditch french class which he hated. So we decided to study for our scienc
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